Following the new update, with the advent of the 3rd Air Defense, all preceding TH7 War Base design are now obsolete. It's time for your new TH7 Clan War Era with much better plans which requires manipulations and calculation. Alright, so let's take a peek at the TH7 War Base -- The Elysian!
Speed construct Video.

TH7 War Base -- Anti Dragons/Hogs
Anti-Dragons: The excellent placement of Air Sweeper and Air Defenses can cope with almost any Volume Dragon attack! All Air Defenses are guarded by high HP buildings.
Outstanding funnel against Dragon attacks from South and North. Most attackers will attack from such directions.

Air Sweeper is placed away in the Air Defenses and protecting the South. Most attackers start attacking from the South since ADs are easier to get out there and the Dragon army will get blow off and distribute. When they don't like the AS and attack from the North, Dragons simply can not actually strike the previous AD.
Centralized Clan Castle: Can't lure troops out without using Balloons or Hogs.
Anti-Hogs: Perfect Spring Traps placements and the Double Giant Bomb at the bottom may take out plenty of Hogs and Giants regardless of where the clash of lights s3 attacker drops Hogs.
Anti-Balloons: All Air Defenses are protected from Air Traps and other Defenses, as well as protected by additional ones to handle as much damage as possible. 2 Additional Archer Towers in the center can deal a lot of more harm to atmosphere troops and cover the whole base.

The way to ruin this TH7 war base?

When I were the attacker and had to use Dragons, I would use Balloons/Hogs to remove the top Air Sweeper in addition to trigger Clan troops, shed Lightning Spells on the Left/Right AD then send mass Dragon although not many because Balloons eat up a decent space.
Since this foundation is only 1 day old so that I do not have any good defense log. But I am quite confident the base will get the job done for TH7 wars.

If you've any defense log, then don't be afraid to post it here to help us improve this webpage in addition to the base.

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